Bodycore Intra Workout Casein Hydrolysate Peptopro 150g

Bodycore Intra Workout Casein Hydrolysate Peptopro 150g

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BODYCORE INTRA WORKOUT CASEIN HYDROLYSATE PEPTOPRO is a high quality 100% pure peptopro supplement that is great both intra, and post-workout to enhance recovery, strength and long term gains.



  • Improved Strength, Stamina and Endurance
  • Faster Recovery Between Workouts
  • Greater Protein Synthesis
  • Greater Insulin Release
  • Backed by Multiple Human Studies Supporting its Effectiveness
  • Promote protein synthesis both during your workout, and after (your body can utilise pepto even in between sets, and enhance muscle growth and recovery)
  • Accelerate post-workout recovery and reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)
  • Increase post-exercise insulin release, resulting in faster glucose uptake and glycogen resynthesis (so you're ready for the next workout, sooner than ever)



Peptopro - 150grams



Use 10-20grams during workout with a carb drink or cold water. You do not need to shake, just add a scoop into your shaker and mix with a spoon.



  • Berry
  • Orange