BODYCORE Turbo XS2 - 25 tabs

  • $49.99

BODYCORE TURBO XS2 is double the strength of Bodycores TOP SELLING Turbo Genesis to give you double the boost of energy.



  • Double the strength of our top selling Turbo Genesis
  • Herbal based made of completely natural products
  • Increased energy levels
  • Heightened concentration abilities
  • Increased thermogenisis for fat burning



Turbo XS2 contains a blend of: Theobromine, caffeine, guarana, citrus aurantium extract, capsacain, ginger, green tea, white willow, magnesium, calcium & proprietary blend of Aminos (Does not contain DMAA)



A half to one tablet is all that is necessary to provide maximum energy for athletic training (take 1 hour before training), a big night out dancing or those wishing to control eating and weight (take 1 tablet early morning and another ½ tablet after lunch). Warning: will cause sleeping problems if taken too late in the day.

*Should not be taken by pregnant women, those with heart problems (see your doctor if in doubt) or those with an allergy to phenylalanine.